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Velocity A23 16" Clincher Rim (Sale Item) Velocity A23 16" Clincher Rim (Sale Item) Velocity A23 16" Clincher Rim (Sale Item) Velocity A23 16" Clincher Rim (Sale Item)
Velocity A23 16" Clincher Rim (Sale Item)

Velocity A23 16" Clincher Rim (Sale Item)

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Special Price $50.00 was $68.00
This Velocity A23 Clincher Rim is on sale to move it out of one of our warehouses.
There are two available at this price in slightly different configurations
16" - Black - 32 holes - Machined Finish - Quantity Available=1
16" - Black - 32 holes - Non-Machined Finish - Quantity Available=1
Neither of these are Off-Center (OC)

When using a 23mm wide clincher tire with the A23 Wheelset, you get the qualities of a tubular ride while retaining the convenience of a clincher.

The A23 has been called a "Clinchular" because:
+ it has a tubular ride (smooth ride quality, lower rolling resistance)
+ it has the convenience of a clincher (ease of installation, easy to repair a flat, low cost).

The A23 is the newest road rim from Velocity.

When using 23c tires, the wider A23 rim creates a constant tire profile, rather than getting pinched into the rim.
The overall ride quality is improved and the result is tubular-like ride quality from a clincher tire.

If you are a large rider, or if you place serious torque on your wheels, you might consider OC (Off Center) rims.
With OC rims, all spokes on the rear wheel will be the same length.
The off-center drilling leads to more balanced spoke tension between the drive and non-drive sides.

+ 23mm for optimized contact patch resulting in lower rolling resistance
+ Tire Type: Clincher
+ Material: Alloy
+ Valve: Presta


Tight tolerances require the use of a low profile rim tape like Velotape to avoid tire installation issues. Veloplugs are not recommended on A23 or A23 OC rims