Syntace C3 Clip Aerobar Syntace C3 Clip Aerobar Syntace C3 Clip Aerobar
Syntace C3 Clip Aerobar

Syntace C3 Clip Aerobar

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The new Syntace C3 helps you keep a fast, flat back and a very energy-efficient upper body position.

The ergonomic Syntace C3 Aerobar is one of the most aerodynamic and comfortable bars on the market!

No more Hyperextended wrists caused by those "new" positions which produce fatigue and cause strain from the arms all the way up into the upper back.

+ 10 year Manufacturer's warranty
+ Clamp Ø, 31.8 mm
+ Adjustment width 84 mm
+ Raceblack Color
+ Deep but firm Lycra-covered pads sit on carefully shaped, drooped-lip ‘Bio Wing’ cups, which are superbly comfortable and secure without being restrictive.

The famous, half-length position of the Syntace C2 aero bar has been improved through the new C3 Double Helix Bend.

The grip bend, now a little further forward, conforms to your hand and your range of motion.
Thus, even the moderate compromise, S-Bend, is now superfluous.

Now you can ride faster with legendary Syntace comfort:
The C3 provides a more relaxed position than any other aero bar.
The advantages of speed and comfort are maximized by the perfectly balanced weight support of the Bio Wings.

The Syntace C3 bars were designed so that your comfort in the aero position will keep you there from the beginning of the race to the end. The double helix bend places your wrists in a comfortable position that encourages a fast flat back. A flatter back allows the air to stay connected to your back longer lengthening your slipstream - less turbulence - more aerodynamic.


Select size based on forearm length - elbow to fist - see image.

LENGTH 254mm 284mm 314mm
WIDTH 348 grams 366 grams 378 grams