Soma Fabrications Buena Vista Mixte Road Frame & Fork Set - Rim Brake Soma Fabrications Buena Vista Mixte Road Frame & Fork Set - Rim Brake Soma Fabrications Buena Vista Mixte Road Frame & Fork Set - Rim Brake
Soma Fabrications Buena Vista Mixte Road Frame & Fork Set - Rim Brake

Soma Fabrications Buena Vista Mixte Road Frame & Fork Set - Rim Brake

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The Soma Fabrications Buena Vista Mixte is a true mixte frame with the double top tube/stays.

Obviously offers lots of stand over height and style as well.
You'll find the geometry is more sporty, than comfy.
Though it can be built up to suit either demeanor.
Drop bars? Sure.
Moustache bars? Of course.

While I admire the beauty of many cruisers and town bikes, some feel frustratingly sluggish.
Meanwhile, speedier townies seem to sacrifice the good looks or loungelike comfort I consider essential.
The Buena Vista bridges these gaps.
It's essentially a road bike that's easy to throw a leg over, thanks to the mixte design.
The Tange Infinity steel frame and fork and the high-volume tires ride smoothly on all but the roughest roads.
The frame accommodates a range of components; I built mine with a mustache bar and a three-by-eight-speed drivetrain using down-tube shifters for a retro vibe.
A drop bar and integrated shifters would look equally at home and would make the bike suitable for longer rides.
A number of attachment points let you outfit fenders (it accepts up to 28c tires with fenders; 33c without) and racks, which I took advantage of, easily carrying light loads around town. - Bicycling Magazine

"not a laid back beach cruiser..... slices through congested city streets like a Ginsu knife"
- Bicycle Times

"solidly constructed, versatile frame with comfortable geometry" This bike was built up with love using 650b wheels. For the complete review go here.
"offers a fresh take on the Mixte"
-Paved Magazine

"As far as my impressions, the ride exceeded my expectations.
Basically: vroom.
Super-responsive, quick to accelerate, fast rolling.
On flat terrain, the bike moved with me, almost effortlessly....
As far as toe overlap with the 50cm Vista frame, this will depend on your shoe size and on whether you have fenders.
I experienced a bit of it, but not much.
Depending on whose fit philosophy she follows, a woman of my height could end up on either the 50cm, 54cm, or 58cm Soma Buena Vista.
Having tried the extremes of this spectrum, I believe that either size can work, depending on what qualities you are looking for in the bike.
When I tried the 58cm Buena Vista last year, its long virtual top tube and high, wide, swept-back handlebars made it feel like a lightweight, faster version of a Dutch bike.
By contrast, the 50cm Vista with its low, narrow, upside down North Roads felt like the lovechild or a modern roadbike and a pathracer.
Go large for more tame, upright.
Go small for more aggressive, roadish.
In each case, the bike felt stable and the ride quality was pleasant." -Lovely Bicycle blog

+- Tange Prestige heat-treated CrMo steel main tubes
+ Sport touring geometry
+ Horizontal dropouts
+ 132.5 mm hub spacing to fit either road or MTB hubs
+ Matching sloping-crown CrMo steel fork included. Features low-rider pannier mounts
+ Rack and fender eyelets
+ 1-1/8" size headtube
+ 27.2 mm seatpost size
+ 42, 50, 54, 58, (no 62 cm) (Measured center to top of seat collar)
+ 42 cm model uses 26" wheels and 73mm reach brakes (like Tektro 556 or Rivendell Silvers)
+ Maximum tire width: 1.5" with fenders

+FONT COLOR=RED> 50-58 cm models use 700c wheels and 57 mm reach caliper brakes
+ Maximum tire width with theses brakes: 33c (28c with fenders)
If you must have wider tires, consider a 650b build, then you could fit 38c with fenders.
+ Weight: Frame: 5.6 lbs (50 cm) / Fork: 2.35 lbs (350 mm uncut steerer)
+ Complete bike shown for illustrative purposes only

Soma Buena Vista Geometry

Size (Center of BB-Top of seat collar) XS (42) cm SM (50) cm MD (54) cm LG (58) cm
Top Tube C-C (Effective) /mm 518 530 555 582
Head Tube Angle 71.5 72 72 72
Seat Tube Angle 75 75 74 73
Chainstay Length / mm 440 450 450 450
Standover Height / Inches 25" 26" 26.8" 27.7"
Headtube Length /mm 150 130 150 180
Bottom Bracket Drop / mm 45 45 45 45
Wheelbase / mm 1026 1028 1049 1053
Fork Rake / mm 45 45 45 45 45
Frame Reach / mm 378 379 392 397
Front Center / mm 585 585 605 609
Frame Stack / mm 499 548 567 599

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