Purely Custom Engraved Anodized Dome Handlebar End Cap

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Maximum 10 characters

These brightly colored Handlebar End Caps make the perfect accent for your bicycle.

Engraving limited to 3 Characters.

+ Purely Custom has handlebar end caps to personalize your bike.
+ These specially designed handlebar ends won't fall out.
+ Fits 1/2 - 3/4" Internal Diameter Bars = 11 grams
+ Fits 3/4 - 1" Internal Diameter Bars = 12 grams
+ Sold individually Not in Sets - so you can mix and match

These brightly colored Dome Handlebar will make the perfect accent for your road bike. You could leave them Plain; however, there is some great surface area to custom engrave your favorite image, design or message. The great thing about these handlebar end caps is that they will not fall out and keep you riding in style. As you twist them in, the rubber spacer expands and makes for a tight fit and if you want to swap them out for a seasonal message, a simple twist releases the expansion spacer and they can slide out with ease.

This item is custom made for you.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.