Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe Adult-Child Tandem Bicycle

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Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe features a NuVinci N380 CVP drivetrain that makes shifting gears pedal-free and as simple as tuning a radio dial.

The Buddy Bike is a Parent / Child tandem bike.
The two of you push together, steer together and, what's even better, connect with each other!
Yet for safety reasons, you remain in control.

Buddy Bike provides a unique design.
Buddy bike puts your child up front but keeps you in the driver's seat.
Buddy Bike utilizes an exclusive and innovative design with an extra set of handles on the handlebars for your child, an extra rear brake for safety and gears connected to your child's pedals.

NuVinci N380
Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe features the NuVinci Nfinity N380 CVP drivetrain.
The unique gear hubs of the Nfinity group sets allow you to change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion.
Just twist the controller slightly on the handlebar and the gear ratio is changed to any ratio within its range.
This is easy to do, no matter if you are freewheeling, pedaling under load or waiting at a stoplight.
The N380 hubs are practically maintenance-free, as they are made up of self-contained systems.
There are no skipped gears or concerns of a chain coming off the chain ring between gears.
Gone are jolts to your knees, hips and back.
You’ll tire less, ride longer and feel better when you get there allowing parents to focus on simply enjoying the ride with your child on the Buddy Bike

The Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe tires are wide enough for stability but have smoother tread for less rolling resistance.
This model varies from the Sport model with lower top tubes for easier mounting and a lower rear rider seat.

The unique handlebar setup of the Buddy Bike allows the front rider to feel all of the steering movements, while the extended rear handlebars gives the rear rider total control.
Front and rear brakes and the shifters are located on the extended handlebar.

The front rider holds onto the smaller set of bars, which also have rear braking capacity.
Both sets of handlebars are adjustable.
The rear set can be moved up and down, depending on the rider's preference, and the front set can be moved backwards and forwards, depending on the rider's reach.

Children can easily hold onto the handlebars and stay seated and balanced.
For the child who cannot quite reach the pedals we have optional fold out foot pegs which attach to the frame.
Many kids aged five to eight fit that description.
The adjustable seats make it a snap to fit riders of all dimensions.

Please note, that although the Buddy Bike arrives 90% assembled, the manufacturer requires that their Bikes to be shipped to a bike shop only.
At the Bike Shop a professional can complete the assembly of your Buddy Bike.
We will gladly ship your Buddy Bike the bike shop of your choice.
AND we will refund you up to $50 to have the bike shop assemble it for you
. Please pre-arrange with them so that they know the bike is coming.
Then just fax a copy of your assembly receipt to us and write your order number on it.


SIZE: For taller riders, Buddy Bike Sport offers the maximum distance between rider seats for more rear rider leg room
17" between seats vs. 19.2" and an increased seat tube angle for a comfortable pedaling position.

+ Geared toward cycling enthusiasts and Captains over 5'8”
+ Aluminum frame
+ NuVinci N380 CVP Drivetrain
+ Maximum distance between rider seats for more rear rider leg room
+ Captain seat tube angle increased for more comfortable pedaling position
+ 40.5" Captain seat to headset (Family bike 38.2")
+ 17" or 19.2" Distance between seats for taller riders
+ Tektro IO disc brakes plus rear wheel standard caliper brake for stoker
+ Suspension fork w/60 mm travel
+ Kenda K1029 26 x 1.5 tires w/thorn resistant tubes for a smooth ride with less rolling resistance
+ Shimano sealed unit bottom brackets for both riders
+ Seat posts 30.4 mm alloy silver (front 300 mm, rear 280 mm)
+ Buddy Bike head badge
+ 1 sets water bottle mounts
+ 50 lbs. bike weight
+ 85.61" overall bike length
+ 58.1" wheel base (center front to center rear wheel)
+ Width between steering handlebars 33"
+ Top of front rider seat post to pedal at bottom position distance 22"

1. For smaller child riders we offer a set of fold-out foot pegs to rest feet out of the pedal motion path.
2. For riders with balance issues or for smaller riders we offer a Bike seat with a back rest - Ships Separately
3. For easier storage and support when off the bike we offer two kickstand options
-> Pletscher - Swiss made two - legged kickstand provides stable bike support
-> Black Bi-Pod - provides upright support
4. Axel Release Kit converts Buddy Bike from internal hubs to Quick Release hubs

1. The kickstands are great for holding up your Buddy Bike - but they are only intended to support the weight of the bike only - NOT riders.
Therefore, DO NOT sit on the Buddy Bike while the kickstand is lowered.
2. As Buddy Bike continues to make improvements throughout the life of a product, all specifications are subject to change without notice.