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We use either FexEX, UPS or USPS - carrier decissions are made on the warehouse level.

If you need faster shipping, please contact us BEFORE YOU PLACE AN ORDER at customerservice@bikehighway.com or 201-775-4274.


International via FedEX CROSS BORDER:

After you  click on the “Outside the US?” button in the Shopping Cart, you will be transferred to Crodd Border's Secure International Checkout page. 
On the Cross Border's Secure International Checkout page, you will be provided with international shipping costs and any duties/taxes for your shipment.

Upon completion of your order, Cross Border will charge your credit card for the entire purchase.

We will ship the goods to Cross Border's Global Distribution Facility, where they will be forwarded to your international address.

NOTE: All payment, shipping, or return requests should be submitted to Cross Border at assistance@ftn.fedex.com