Best Price Guarantee

When price comparing, you should include ALL COSTS:
•  Cost of the item
•  Cost of shipping
•  Handling charges
•  Sales or other tax
•  All FREE accessories provided with product
•  Any other applicable fee that the vendor may charge

When you compare all of the above, we usually have the best price.

(see exceptions at bottom of page)

If within 30 days of purchasing any item, you find it for less (price, shipping and/or additional fees combined), we will refund the difference.
Items must match manufacturer, model number, color, size, etc. (apples for apples).

To request a Price Match Refund within 30 days of your purchase, email Customer Service with ALL of the information listed below:
• The Internet store where you found the product for less.
• Or mail us the print ad or catalog page.

(see exceptions at bottom of page)

We will beat any advertised price.

To request a Price Match Quotation email Customer Service with ALL of the following information:
• The product code or exact URL on our site for the product you are price matching.
• The Internet store's web page where you found the product for less (please provide exact URL to the product when possible.)
• Or mail us the print ad or catalog page showing model numbers.
• Your complete shipping address (including city, state & zip code)
• Your phone number

A customer service representative will then contact you and place your price matching order.

The following sales DO NOT qualify for our Lowest Price Guarantee or for our Best Price Quotation:

•  Items being shipped outside of the USA
•  Foreign (Non-U.S.) web site prices
•  Prices that are not in writing - we will not consider a price that was given to you verbally.
•  Auction houses or auction stores
•  Warehouse Price Clubs that require a fee to join and other "Member Pricing" entities, etc.
•  Individuals that are selling goods on their own without a "real" retail website or retail establishment (Individuals, Craigslist, etc.)
•  Store sales that offer a limited supply per store (Once the store runs out of the item, the sale is over).
•  Stores that advertise low prices but are really out of stock.
•  Sales where you must use Manufacturer or other Coupons to obtain the advertised price - we will match the "before coupon" price.
•  Sales where the advertised price is predicated on Manufacturer Rebates - we will honor the "before rebate" price.
•  Stores that are dumping "last year's" merchandise and/or have limited sizes/colors left.
•  Discontinued models or stores that are listed as "going out of business."
•  Items being sold at or below wholesale prices.

We will not price-war back and forth (if we beat someone's price, its final).

When price matching, you may not use other discounts, coupons, or promotions in connection to the purchase.