Belize Tri-Rider 16" Kids Tricycle

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We are proud to offer the quality manufactured Tri Rider trikes.
Finally, they are available outside of Canada.
Do not be confused with less expensive imitations - these are the real Tri Riders.

+ Trike for older kids
+ Enjoy cycling without the need to balance
+ Comfortable adjustable seat
+ Backrest can be added
+ Adjustable handlebars
+ Rear coaster brake, coaster brake is connected to the rear axle and activates when you pedal backwards with force. It stops the rotation of the right rear wheel
+ Front caliper brake, front caliper brake is activated when you compress the left brake lever. It stops the rotation of the front wheel
+ Rear basket
+ 3 fenders
+ Reflectors
+ Weight capacity (includes the rider's weight & the contents in your basket): 200 lbs

+ Seat post to steering stem: 20"
+ Inseam (minimum): 20" (8" adjustment range)
+ Overall length: 59"
+ 58 Lbs

Requires Full Assembly
The manufacturer’s assembly instructions are intended for a cycle mechanic or an experienced cycling enthusiast skilled in cycle maintenance and repair. As we want you to fully enjoy the incredible riding experience of an adult tricycle, we recommend that you ask your local bike shop to assemble your Tri-Rider. If you plan to have your local bike shop assemble your tricycle, use your local bike shop as your shipping address.


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