Velocity VeloPlugs

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Why wrap your complete rim with a roll of heavy cloth tape when for less than half the weight you can use the Veloplug?

Red plugs fit 8mm holes (non-eyeleted rims) yellow plugs fit rims with 8.5-9.3mm holes (eyeleted rims).


+ Incredible blowout strength - takes well over 400 PSI.

+ Tire mounting is easier and faster

+ Rim strips take up a lot of space making tires more difficult to mount

+ With the sleek and slippery Veloplug, a difficult to mount tire becomes easy

+ Spoke replacement is simplified as there is no need to remove a sticky strip

+ Just pop out the Veloplug over the offending spoke and pop it back in when repairs are complete

+ Can be used over and over

+ Will not rot, slip around or retain water when moisture enters the rim

+ Save ~15 grams on a 32 spoke 700c wheel.
+ 72 pcs


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