Eartec UltraPAK Compact Full Duplex Beltpack Transceiver with Battery

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The Eartec UltraPAK Compact Full Duplex Beltpack Transceiver is a compact full duplex beltpack transceiver.

It's the smallest full duplex transceiver on the market today weighing only 2.5 oz.

It features an ergonomic shape that fits the natural curve of the body and a spring loaded belt clip.

The UltraPAK is the best solution for users that need simultaneous hands free communications and prefer to wear a lightweight headset.

The UltraPAK can be combined with any combination of UltraLITE headsets up to 4 total transceivers.

Example: You have a Master UltraLITE headset and 2 Remote UltraLITE headsets.

You are allowed to add one more Remote headset to the communications but want to use headsets that are smaller than the regular UltraLITEs.

Simply purchase the UltraPAK and one of Eartec's lightweight headsets. The UltraPAK becomes the 4th wireless device in the system and uses the lightweight headset instead.


+ Microphone mute switch

+ Five volume settings

+ Robust 2-pin style headset jack

+ Battery included

+ Lightweight

NOTE: Communication requires one Master Headset and at least one Remote Headset, up to 4 Headsets total (1 Master, 1, 2 or 3 Remotes.)

Charger Required.

Headsets sold separately

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