E-RIDER 26" Electric Mountain Bike

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The E-RIDER is equipped with a 36V motor and can reach a top speed of 25-30kph / 15-20 MPH*.

The E-RIDER is a 26" wheel lightweight alloy framed bicycle with front suspension and an electric rear wheel hub motor.


+ Lightweight 14Ah Lithium-ion power-pack will allow for up to 40 kilometers / 25 miles on a charge**

+ Pedaling can be done while using the throttle to help extend the range.

+ Speed is controlled with the twist throttle and/or by pedaling and changing the gears.

+ 5 levels of powered pedal assist where the motor will automatically activate to help you when you pedal.


+ Shimano transmission

+ Headlight

+ Horn

+ Disk brake

+ Ignition switch

+ Battery charge indicator

+ Adjustable handlebar stem

+ Luggage rack

+ Fenders

+ Smart battery charger

+ Recharging can take several hours depending upon the starting strength of the battery pack.

+ Maximum weight capacity is 255 lbs.

* Depending upon rider weight, terrain and weather

* Depending upon speed, rider weight, weather and terrain.


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