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Go-Ped GSR Cruiser Gas Scooter

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After 22 years of building high quality motorized scooters for a wide variety of customers, PMW has now developed what it believes is the perfect machine for a very large segment of motorized scooter enthusiasts.

The GSR Cruiser is the machine if you are looking for a quiet, reliable and economical motorized scooter with good performance, but also for beginners wanting an affordable, safe and easy to learn first scooter.

The GSR Cruiser is also the perfect machine for motor heads and the after market community, as chassis upgrades and screaming engine mods are widely available.

Goped products remain the highest valued, and lowest carbon footprint motorized transportation devices in today's high energy cost world.

The GSR Cruiser's power plant, the new GPL290, is based on the high performance GP290RS engine, designed to be a very reliable, quiet and economical cruiser. Top speeds for the GSR Cruiser are in the mid 20mph range, and its horse power is similar to the earlier GSR40 (Please see the GPL290 announcement below).

The GSR Cruiser frame is the bullet proof and very successful single sided cantilevered 4130 Chromoly GSR chassis with cantilevered 4130 fork. The popular TT racing tires are on ultra light race proven magnesium rims front and rear.

The stock chain drive ratio is 6/84 for good all around performance.

Stopping power comes from the front Mad Dog brake caliper and double ground and hardened stainless steel Wave disc rotor. The rear brake mount is ready for the rear brake upgrade should the customer so choose to modify for more speed which needs more stopping power.

The folding handlebar is the standard 6061 T6 welded "T" bar also originally used with the GSR40 model.

We believe the New 2008 GSR "Cruiser" to be the best all around Go-Ped for dealers and their customers to come around in a long time and officially replaces the GSR40, GSR29R and the GSR25.

Click Here to see someone having fun with a Go-Ped Scooter

All Go-Ped products are made to order - as a result, please expect delivery in 2 - 3 weeks.

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