HONDA Electric City Bike - Scooter

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The Honda electric power assist bike is finally available to riders in the USA.

NOW GET HONDA QUALITY with an Electric Bike / Scooter.


+ The Honda has great pickup and can be ridden for 2 to 3 hours on the battery power

+ Top Speed 20 KPM or 12 MPH governed or 15-20 MPH ungoverned (requires modification to controller)

+ Rider Weight Limit 250 lbs

+ Choice of Lithium or Lead Acid battery


+ Not too big to intimidate yet big enough to give a smooth comfortable ride

+ 16" heavy duty tires and front and rear suspension

+ For night time riding it has a headlight and tail-light and the silent Honda has an electric horn

+ Front and rear drum brakes allow for smooth, powerful stops

+ 350 watt 240W motor

+ Battery Removable for indoor charging

+ Weight:

- 48V-12Ah for Lithium Battery 75 lbs

- Standard Battery 100 lbs

+ Adjustable seat and handlebars

+ 2.125 x 16 tires

+ Key start

+ Locking battery box

+ Security system lock on rear wheel

+ Battery indicator light

+ Twist Throttle

+ Good quality pedal crank arms


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